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Alex from Hawaii

Alex is one of LbE's most unique cases where he has experienced programs not only in his home country/state of Hawaii, USA, but also in Japan. Alex has been extremely helpful to LbE Hawaii with different types of Hawaii programs including recruitment support. Also, for a period of time, Alex had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan. While in Japan, Alex was able to participate in multiple programs throughout Japan. Alex's case proves that as an LbE Global Leader, you truly can do a program anywhere LbE operates a program!  

In what way have you been able to apply your experiences from LbE to your own life?

The leadership and teaching skills I learned from working at LbE helped me both in my academic and professional career. I was able to improve my ability to work with any type of person regardless of age, personality, or ethnicity. My experiences in LbE has allowed me to acquire a global mindset when interacting in a social setting whether in Hawaii or Japan.


What advice would you give to a person who is interested in working with LbE?

It is important to be patient and open minded because your fellow leaders, as well as your students, all come from various backgrounds. 


Why did you apply to work with LbE?

I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and put myself in a position where I must become a leader despite language and cultural barriers.


What is your favorite aspect of working with LbE?

Not knowing what to expect for each program would probably be my favourite part of working at LbE. I always love a challenge and you'll never know what is the best teaching style or what kind of students you're assigned to. Having to improvise and do your best in every situation with limited time/resources definitely helped me grow. 


What does being an "LbE Global Leader" mean to you?

An LbE Global Leader is someone who is able to adapt and take charge of the situation but also knows when to listen and learn from mistakes. Just like our students, we as leaders are constantly learning about ourselves. To  have the title of a "Global" leader it is important to understand that people learn differently, so we must ensure an equal learning environment for everyone.

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