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Thiri from Myanmar (Kanto Region)

Thiri was the “Senpai Super Star”.

A valuable member of the Kanto region from September 2017 until March 2019 while she was doing her Master at Tokyo University.

In that time, she did 24 programs and was the greatest senpai for any Myanmar newcomer. As she was introduced to LbE by a Myanmar Senpai, she followed that lead and it was very normal to see her sitting next to the newbies explaining them how to fill up the forms and giving them advices.


Now, back in Myanmar, this happy newlywed agreed to be interviewed by us, so our current members can see an example on what is like going back to reality after leaving Japan.

What did you take with you from your experience from LbE?

I learned so much from the programs, especially about the Education system of Japan and how they invest in their future generation.

Were you able to apply that back home?

Yes, as now I am familiar with their style and values, I feel it makes it easier for me to work with Japanese.

What advice would you give to our current members?

DON’T BE SHY!  And treat them as your little sisters/brothers. They are cute most of the time except when they get crazy excited.

What was your favorite part about LbE?

There are so many favorite moments with [LbE] but definitely not Banana dance lol. I super love “CAMPS”. I love how everybody support each other and it’s amazing how we get closer and closer in each program.  When you see a poster or presentation about you and your country made by the kids, or when they try to speak and write your language, that’s the best feeling ever.


How has living Japan impacted your current life?

Well, I feel more like an adult and responsible person than before. One thing I noticed is that I learned to treasure my family more.

How is “adulthood”? What has changed in your life since you graduated from LbE?

It is not as bad as I have imagined. Major changes happened. I graduated TODAI and got married yayyyy!!!


What are you doing now? 

I am working for JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) now, in the area of Social Projects, mainly coordinating and arranging trainings. Sounds like a “Otona” right?

Are you living in your home country or you moved somewhere else?

I am currently living in Myanmar enjoying family time.


Do you plan to ever come back to Japan?

Let’s see ummmmmm. I feel like me and Japan has not finished yet so will be coming back in a few years.


Do you have any Message for LbE?

I miss the [LbE Global Leaders Community] and the kids so much. I hope things are getting better for Japan. Take care and be safe. And [...], you need to keep a spot for me when I am back okay? [LbE] is the best! 

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